When it comes to getting rid of your used or junk car, there are a lot of options out there. Pay big towing fees to get it to a salvage yard, find a way to haul it yourself, get fast cash (but a bad deal) from a TV ad con, get even less from a used car dealer or just give up altogether and donate it. But your best option is always going to be found at Austin Junk Car Buyers. Because, when you sell your junk car here, you’ll get the best possible price through the easiest possible process – and that’s worth it.

Sell My Junk Car For Cash Austin TXKeeping It Simple

At Austin Junk Car Buyers, we like to keep things simple. We work closely with local salvage yards, car dealers, recycling services and tow truck companies – taking advantage of their existing services instead of trying to maintain them ourselves. This approach keeps our overhead costs down, and thanks to our solid junk car buying reputation and lots of repeat business, our advertising dollars are minimal, too. Those savings are passed on to our customers by way of speedy, convenient service and higher payouts. It’s a win-win! Contact the BEST junk car Austin buyer today!

Always a Fair Shake

We don’t haggle – we just pay you exactly what your vehicle is worth. We stay up to speed on going rates and keep in touch with other local businesses that can help us get the information we need – and every one of our customers always gets a fair shake.

Why Waste Time?

Don’t waste another day! Give Austin Junk Car Buyers a call today and let us put you on a new path, with a big wad of cash in your hand. We can’t wait to help you get you started selling your car for cash!